Faith Lehane (slayergal_faith) wrote in made_you_squirm,
Faith Lehane

Characters, plots, etc.

Tia Quinn is coming in for Jesse. We don't have anyone for Dawn yet.

Hunter is coming in for Caspar. Post as you guys want.

Don't worry about using cut tags unless you want to do so since this an adult site, or if you'd rather thats fine.

We need to use this to work out plot.

Once Randi can post well get in a chat room to talk about everyone getting together. My first idea is everyone get to LA to try and find angel which they won't. But anything will work.

What you do is between you and your writing partner as far as how far you go.

I'd rather keep this small. If anyone playing wants to bring in another charry and stuff that's okay. But having fewer people to work with makes the comm easier.
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