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Jenny Calendar

Starting this puppy!

Starting the community ….

What are you guys thinking? This is what is going on in my head.

I thought the couples would come on at different times since Jesse doesn’t have anyone yet … or Dawnie so maybe they could come in the mix later on as we get going.

Are Cordy and Xandy already together or do you want them to get back together.

What if for a bit the gang got out of Sunnydale?

So …

Xandy and Cordy are making with the togetherness however y’all work that, as are Willow and Buffy. Spike did you care for Buffy at all did season 6 happen. If so would he get pissed over what he see happening between Willow and Tara or maybe he senses it already and has left SunnyD to go to LA.

If this works Spike runs into Faith and they end up fighting together and they shag cause that’s what they do.

So now we have some couples in place. Faith goes off to NY dragging Spike with her to fight some demon. Which Buff hears about and she brings her gang to NY so they meet.

Which Giles and Jenny could then chase the similar demon to NY or what if everyone went to England … taking the Werewolf in London … everyone thinking it’s Oz but it isn’t which Oz could be there – yeah thinking Oz and Dawn don’t know why I guess not sleeping – thinking mile high club her people.

Giles won’t be joining us until the middle or end of May. Sorry my favorite Giles so what can I say?

Yeah … yeah this maybe lame if so what would you guys rather do to get this baby started?
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